You could either pick an individual service where you need assistance, or opt for a complete Account Management package.  Most corporates would opt for the whole package.

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Account Management

Account Management, mainly applicable to larger Corporates, should achieve the objectives set in a Corporate’s Travel Policy.  It is not about friendly visits to keep a relationship going.  It is all about effectively implementing the Company’s Travel Policy.  Coromandel SAS can take over the review of the Account Management process and ensure that your Account is effectively managed.

Choosing an efficient Travel Agent

Choosing an efficient Travel Agent - many corporates would make a choice based on a recommendation, or what a Travel Agent claims to be.  Choices may not be based on a thorough evaluation of what is being offered.  Pricing of Travel Services can often be complicated.  Coromandel SAS is able to check every aspect of the offer and ensure you get the best value for your Travel spend.

Travel Policy

Travel Policy - Your Travel Policy is all important to effectively ensure you get the best out of your Travel spend.  To put it differently, it is about how much ‘bang, you get for you buck’.  Many multinationals may have the Policy sent to them from headquarters and ask for it to be implemented locally.  Some larger companies may have totally ignored the implementation of the Policy.  Coromandel SAS is able to ensure the Travel Policy is effectively implemented; or, where one does not exist, assist your company in setting up one.

Travel Services Configuration

Travel Services Configuration - it is important that the configuration of your Travel service is adequate to ensure the level of service that you as a Corporate, contracted with your Travel Agent.  It is all about how many staff will be involved in providing you with the service; about how telephone calls and emails will be handled and actioned.  The setting up of this process again requires experience.  Coromandel SAS will ensure you have the optimal service configuration.

Streamlining the Booking Process

Streamlining the booking process - very often a Corporate does not deliver the booking requirements to the Travel Agent in the best possible way.  This in turn results in poor quality of bookings and confirmations.  The ultimate loser is the Corporate both in terms of the quality of the service and money when flights are repeatedly cancelled resulting in various penalties.  Coromandel SAS can review the entire process and ensure it is designed and streamlined for optimal efficiencies.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements - to ensure a Travel Policy is implemented effectively, it will be necessary to set up a Service Level Agreement with your Travel Agent.  For example, it will define the time the agent may take to turn around a booking request or an email.  Coromandel SAS will ensure that a viable Service Level Agreement is set up and review delivery levels.

Refund Management

Refund Management - When paper tickets existed, travellers held on to unutilised ticket coupons and asked for a refund (often, even when coupons did not have a refundable value!). Today with Electronic Tickets, all one may need to remember to check in at most airports is a booking reference or save a bar-code on a smart phone.  Many Corporates may just print an E-ticket receipt and give it to the traveller.  When the journey is completed, unutilised portions that may have a refund value are completely forgotten by everyone concerned.  The corporate could lose thousands of dollars in unclaimed refunds.  Coromandel SAS can set up a process by which refunds are brought back to the Corporate.  It is the Corporate’s money and rightfully, it should come back to the Corporate.

Lodged Cards & Related Payment Solutions

Lodged Cards and related payment solutions are today possibly the best way to procure Travel.  It could allow for up to 45 days of credit in most countries and bring with it other added benefits.  Which Card solution is the best for your company? Are there ways of extending Card solutions to encompass all aspects of travel including Hotel and entertainment. How can this be integrated with ERP systems?  Coromandel SAS is able to advise and recommend the ideal payment solution for your company.

Effective Business Reviews

Effective Business Reviews need to take place at least every Quarter.  That will ensure your Account Management is on track and the Travel Policy is being effectively implemented.  That in turn, should ensure you are in total control of your travel spend and utilising your spend in the best possible way for your business.  Coromandel SAS can review the entire Travel Booking process in the light of your Travel Policy and sit with you at the Business Review Meetings to ensure all aspects of the Travel Policy are effectively covered.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is important.  Some corporates may insure all their travellers directly with Insurance companies.  The question that needs to be asked is whether such insurance covers all aspects of the journey or trip.  Whether airplane delays, lost baggage, delayed baggage etc are covered.  There are different ways to cover business trips.  Coromandel SAS can review and recommend the ideal insurance coverage for your travellers.

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