Corporate Travel Policy

The CEO’s Guide to Writing an Effective Corporate Travel Policy

As we plan for a post Covid Travel scenario, one document that is very important is the Corporate Travel Policy. What is the Corporate Travel Policy? It is that document that basically lays out the rules for corporate travel that employees of a company need to follow, to ensure travel for and on behalf of the company is handled in sync with the vision of the company. It will ensure that all business travel effectively delivers to the financial goals of the company.

Large Companies Need A Travel Policy

Small and medium-sized companies (SMCs), may not need such a Policy. It may be an overkill. Smaller travel budgets may easily be handled with a few rules and regulations. Larger corporations however, with interests and involvement in different countries, with multi-million dollar travel budgets, cannot do without a Travel Policy. A well written and effectively implemented Travel Policy can save a multinational hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have seen some good travel policies. I have seen many that are just average. I have also seen travellers abusing the Travel Policy with some going around the travel policy to suit their own self-perceived lifestyles. It happens when there is no total buy-in with regard to a company’s rules and regulations; often in large corporations. Let us look at what will be a good Travel Policy in more detail.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Business Travel – Free?

Many people may consider Travel Insurance to be an instrument sold by peddlers of doom. That indeed is a matter of personal opinion. Personally, I think Travel Insurance is a necessary part of every trip. It provides the traveller with a certain amount of comfort, and more – especially when things go wrong.