Emirates Airlines Strategic Move in South America – New Miami-Bogotá Route 03 June 2024

Emirates Airlines, the popular and award-winning airline of Dubai, announced today it is making strategic expansions into South America. The new service will be an extension of the existing Emirates service to Miami International Airport (MIA), to Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport (BOG), in Colombia. This move not only marks a significant step in the Airline’s growth strategy but also highlights its commitment to enhancing connectivity between different continents.

Emirates announced today 21 February 2024, that it will launch a new daily service from Dubai to the Colombian capital city, Bogotá, starting 3 June 2024 to become Emirates’ fourth gateway in South America and the airline’s network to expand to 19 points across the Americas. The new services will establish a historic first-ever link between the greater Middle East region and the northern part of the South American continent.

Strategic Move – Emirates Opens A New Gateway

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Emirates B777-300ER Departs Dubai – Courtesy Emirates

Earlier, on February 10, Emirates made headlines when it officially requested permission from Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority, Aeronautica Civil, to operate a passenger service on the Miami-Bogotá route. This request signifies a potential expansion of Emirates’ offerings beyond the cargo services it has historically operated between these destinations.

The daily flights to Bogotá, South America’s second-largest city by population, will help cater to the strong and growing demand for air travel between Colombia and the United Arab Emirates as well as between Colombia. They will also offer connectivity to numerous other destinations on the Emirates global network beyond Dubai which are not served directly from Bogotá. It will also provide convenient flights between Bogotá and Miami, allowing travellers to fly between the two cities in unprecedented style and comfort.

Strengthening South American Connections

Emirates’ interest in South America is not new. The airline has been exploring the possibility of operating services out of Colombia for several years. Due to the high altitude of the city of Bogotá (8,660 feet above mean sea level), it is not possible to operate a non-stop flight from Dubai to the Andes capital city, deeming a stopover necessary. Miami was selected due to its tourism and trade links with Bogotá. 

In 2021, a pivotal agreement was reached with the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority during the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Air Service Negotiation Event, allowing UAE-based carriers, including Emirates and Etihad, to operate up to seven weekly flights from Miami to Bogotá. This was a precursory indication that the Airline would operate into Colombia through MIA. The agreement also paves the way for increased flight frequencies, with the potential for multiple daily flights after the first year of operation.

Emirates Uses Fifth Freedom Rights Between Bogotá and Miami

When it comes to the business of Airlines, there are 5 Freedoms of the Air involved in every international negotiation.  To quote ICAO, “Fifth Freedom of The Air – the right or privilege, in respect of scheduled international air services, granted by one State to another State to put down and to take on, in the territory of the first State, traffic coming from or destined to a third State.” 

Approvals of the 5th Freedom are comparatively rare because many countries wish to protect their own airlines over those of third countries. Emirates will be utilising the 5th Freedom between Bogotá and Miami. They will have the right to carry passengers between the two cities.

Adjustments to the Emirates Miami Service

Emirates has announced that it will operate the route with the new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. It will also offer up to 20 tonnes of capacity for cargo on each flight, opening up access to more global markets for Colombian exports such as fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables and other perishable goods. This strategic scheduling ensures optimal utilization of the Boeing 777 aircraft, which is central to Emirates’ operations on the Miami-Dubai route. 

In anticipation of this new route, Emirates has already announced the adjustment of its Miami-Dubai service schedule. The current daily service will see a change starting June 3, with the updated schedule facilitating the proposed Miami-Bogotá flight. 

The adjustment not only reflects Emirates’ adaptability but also its foresight in enhancing service efficiency. Here below are the new summer timings of the flights:

Summer Schedule

A Stepping Stone in South American Aviation

Emirates’ entry into Bogotá will expand its South American network to four gateways, complementing its scheduled services to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. The latest destination will also enhance the airline’s operations in the Americas to now serve 19 points across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. This expansion strategy underscores Emirates’ role as a global connector, bridging distances between continents and cultures.

The Countries Welcome the Emirates Airline Announcement

Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airline

On the new route launch, Sergio París Mendoza, Director General, Aerocivil Colombia said, “In the realm of international relations, Colombia forges pathways to new realms of collaboration and understanding.”

Visit Florida President and CEO, Dana Young. “We are thrilled that Emirates will now connect its daily Dubai to Miami flight with Bogotá offering additional opportunities for us to welcome Colombian travelers to the Sunshine State.”

Emirates Airlines Flights – the ultimate in Luxury

Emirates B777-300ER First Class Cabin - Courtesy Emirates
Emirates B777-300ER First Class Cabin – Courtesy Emirates

Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will offer 354 seats across three cabins and will raise the bar for premium services on the Bogotá – Miami route. Lie-flat seats in First Class and Business Class, complimentary food and beverage, and a generous free baggage allowance (conditions apply) are amongst the firsts that Emirates will introduce on the direct services connecting Colombia and the U.S.

Emirates’ customers can also sit back and relax with complimentary access to more than 6,500 channels of carefully curated global entertainment content, including in Spanish, featuring movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, games, audiobooks and more with ice, Emirates’ award-winning inflight entertainment system.

The Miami Transit Handicap

Unlike many European Airports, US Airports have never been very transit-friendly – not even International to domestic USA flights! 

Passengers on flights in both directions between Dubai and Bogotá should meet entry regulations for the United States and hold the required documents, due to immigration procedures in Miami. They will also have to collect their baggage in Miami and then, check into the same flight to their onward destination. This is of course, not the Airlines’ fault. It is how Civil Aviation is organised in the Free Country!

Conclusion: Connectivity Beyond Dubai

Emirates B777-300ER - Courtesy Emirates
Emirates B777-300ER – Courtesy Emirates

While Dubai is expected to be the final destination for the majority of travellers on the Bogotá-Dubai route, other top destinations for travellers include mainland China and Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Johannesburg, Cairo and Delhi. The Bogotá-Dubai flights are conveniently timed to provide seamless connectivity if travelling onwards from Dubai.

Emirates’ flights will also facilitate convenient inbound connections to Bogotá through Dubai from 78 destinations in its extensive network and generate new passenger flows to Bogotá from high-growth markets such as the UAE, India, China, the wider Middle East, Far East and Australasia.

Colombian and UAE citizens can enjoy visa-free entry for up to 90 days in Dubai and Bogotá respectively, thanks to reciprocal visa arrangements in place between both countries.

Whether travelling to or through Dubai, travellers can enjoy sun-soaked beaches, heritage activities, world-class hospitality and leisure facilities, and a variety of world-class experiences. The opportunities and possibilities are endless. The new flights open up Colombia to the world!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can travellers fly on Emirates between Miami and Bogotá?

Yes. Any traveller with the necessary travel documents (passports, visas etc), can fly between the two cities from June 03, 2024, on the Airline.

Can travellers fly on Emirates between Bogotá and Dubai?

Yes. Travellers can fly between the two cities on Emirates. Nationals of the two countries (Colombia and the UAE), are entitled to a 90 Days visa on arrival. Conditions like the validity of travel documents will apply.

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