Coromandel SAS offers a series of training programmes for Corporate Travel Management Companies (TMCs).  These can be customised to individual company requirements with emphasis on specific areas, as required.  Our consultant will usually send out a brief preliminary electronic survey, to evaluate requirements, and customise the training programme for the particular TMC.

Key Account Management – Level One (Duration 6 to 8 hours)

Who should attend: Key Account Managers, Sales Managers, Relationship Managers, Senior Operations  Managers and Travel Supervisors. The following are the qualities that will be strengthened in participants, or developed during the day long workshop.

  • Ability to confidently interact with clients at all levels.
  • Confidently discuss the client's Travel Policy (if they have one). If not, they will be able assist larger clients, to develop one.
  • The importance of Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Manage the implementation of travel services.
  • Effective client communication.
  • Ability to audit the operational service provided to clients and evaluate problem areas.
  • Review client requirements and initiate restructuring of operational service (if required).
  • Effectively and constructively interact with the agency Travel Operations division.
  • Conduct electronic client Surveys.
  • Ability to confidently address client issues/complaints.
  • Conduct effective Business Reviews.
  • Demonstrate the values/benefits of the Travel Agency's service.

Key Account Management – Level Two

This course will be developed according to the individual needs of the requesting TMC and customised for their Key Account Management Staff. It will be designed for experienced agency personnel.

VAT Recovery for Travel Management Companies – (Duration 2 hours)

Designed to educate and train Travel Agency staff to enable them confidently offer VAT Recovery services to their corporate clients.

Customer Complaint Management

An area that many Travel Management Companies find challenging and difficult to handle, is customer complaints.  This training programme will be developed in consultation with the management of interested TMCs, to cater to the needs of their own operations.  An effective system of handling complaints, and managing them, to achieve amicable, mutually acceptable settlements, is guaranteed.

Managing for results (Duration: 6 to 8 hours)

Designed purely from a Travel Agency point of view, it takes the route of management by objectives.

Who should attend?  Middle Management and Managers.

Take-away from the course:

  • Improved skills in setting goals/objectives for staff.
  • Getting staff to work together as a team.
  • Motivating staff to more productive performance.
  • Monitoring progress
  • Improved efficiencies at the work place resulting in improved revenues.