Leisure and MICE Travel

Leisure Travel is all about making travel dreams come true. In many ways it depends on the skill of your Travel Consultant to put together an itinerary that shakes hands with your own dreams and budgets. Coromandel SAS  advises travellers and plans itineraries to various parts of the world.  We specialise in the Middle East, Persian Gulf, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia. We can also advise on various parts of Europe, and in particular Southern Italy.  Our Principal Consultant has personally travelled to all the countries mentioned here, and more. He will be personally involved in charting out the itinerary of your dreams. We encourage you to call us.

Taj Mahal In evening light

When it comes to MICE Travel again a lot depends on the skill of your consultant. A skilled and experienced consultant goes into every detail of your trip. Every transfer, every meeting session; right down to Tea and Coffee breaks need to be planned. Menus for lunch and/or dinner is best planned and not left the the choices of a hotel banqueting staff. The success of every meeting is in the detail of the consultant’s planning. Coromandel SAS arranges meetings, incentives, conferences and travel to exhibitions.

Do click on the links below to see some sample packages that Coromandel SAS offers in India.  We can handle variations to the packages, or create completely different itineraries to various parts of India.  We can tailor tours to suit any individual taste or need. These can be arranged for larger groups or individual travellers.