Travel Management Consultancy & Service

A Professional Angle to Handling Your Travel Requirements

Travel today has gone through major changes. Your Travel Agent’s commissions have disappeared.  To survive, he needs to innovate.  The handling of Corporate Travel is being reinvented.  In such a scenario, you the client, needs to be on top of the metamorphosis the Industry is going through. The post recession environment, has further brought in more aspects that need to be considered. Management is key to ensuring you get the best for your Travel Spend.

Our Corporate Travel Service Aims at Providing Our Clients With:

  • Setting up of internal processes including Travel Policies, if necessary.
  • Taking over the complex job of travel negotiations.
  • Improving the efficiencies of your existing travel Agent.
  • Reducing your travel costs, or getting you more Travel for less money.

Adding Value to Your Business 

With many years of Travel management experience, we add value to client companies in several ways. Managing your Travel Account, configuration of Travel services that will best suit your requirements, Travel Bookers training and working with Contact Centres. These are some of our key areas of expertise.

How Will Such Services Benefit Your Organisation?

Having experienced Travel professionals on your side will ensure you always get the best value for your money.  You can be assured of better services at lower costs.