Mano Chandra Dhas
Mano Chandra Dhas – Managing Partner, Coromandel SAS

Established in the Colombian capital city Bogotá DC, in 2013 and registered with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Coromandel SAS offers you the benefit of several decades of Travel experience. Our principal consultant Mano Chandra Dhas brings with him the advantage of over 40 years of experience.

You now have a Corporate Travel Specialist, completely on your side. It is much like your personal Accounts Auditor or Lawyer. Coromandel SAS will always ensure that your preferences get top priority. You now have a Consultant who will take your cause into domains where you have little, or no control. Coromandel SAS is on your side.

Bringing Coromandel to South America

The Coromandel story goes back over two thousand years to the Chola Kings of Southern India. The land of the Cholas was called Cholamandalam. When the colonial Portuguese went to India, they corrupted the name to Coromandel. The South Eastern coast of India (that was part of the ancient Chola Kingdom), came to be known as the Coromandel Coast.

When the colonial British were in India, they liked the name as well: they named four English Naval Ships (not at the same time of course), as HMS Coromandel. One of these ships visited New Zealand where people took a fancy to the name. They named a Town and even a Peninsula in the North Island as Coromandel.

The Managing Partner who comes from the Coromandel Coast, now brings the name branded on Corporate Travel management, to South America.


Profitable, caring companies that are a pleasure to deal with, and work for.


To bring professional Travel related skills and processes to client companies, assisting them to efficiently achieve control and Savings on their Travel and Entertainment expenditure.

Our Values

Knowledge – the core value at the very centre of our service offering

Professionalism – to bring quality skills and processes to the services we offer.

Integrity – demonstrated in everything we do.

Reliability – accuracy and honesty in every aspect of our interaction with clients.

Responsiveness – to respond to every query with care and consideration.

Promptness – to deliver a service that values our client’s time and is efficient with our own.

Friendliness – to provide a friendly service that is always courteous and respectful to everyone we interact with.

Environment & Conservation To conserve, protect and spread the good news in such processes.

Human Relations To respect and accept all human beings as they are.

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