Driving in Bogotá

Driving in Bogotá is Driving me Crazy!

Are you planning a holiday in Colombia, in South America? Do you wish to drive in the Country? If I were you, I’d be wary.

On the Road

Colombianos are normally friendly, happy, and easy-going people. Everything however, changes when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Be it a car, bus, or truck. Even on a motorcycle. When it comes to their driving, many local drivers are aggressive. Their vehicles can become a lethal piece of machinery on the roads. This Jekyll and Hyde syndrome is difficult to understand. Why would a perfectly friendly, understanding person turn into a monster behind a steering wheel?

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Business Travel – Free?

Many people may consider Travel Insurance to be an instrument sold by peddlers of doom. That indeed is a matter of personal opinion. Personally, I think Travel Insurance is a necessary part of every trip. It provides the traveller with a certain amount of comfort, and more – especially when things go wrong.

Travel Call Centre

Travel Contact Centre – Technology

The Contact Centre for corporate travel is the engine around which the whole business revolves. If you don’t have a smoothly operating Contact Centre, you do not have a product. The Unit can be quite a beast when it comes to Technology. The secret of success in a Contact Centre lies with the manager’s skill and ability to harness the entire offering of the various technologies employed, and make them work together, to deliver a best-in-class product.

The Best Of Rome – An Unforgettable 6 Days Itinerary

I thought this time, I’d take a break from Corporate Travel and give an itinerary, instead. Let me take you to my most favourite city in the world: Rome. Where 2700 years of vintage history is blended with the mundane cocktail of everyday life of the 21st Century.

Given two weeks, you can hardly do justice to the City; most tourists try to give it four days, before they move on. Of course, you will find tons of information on Rome, in every language of the world; but, let me show you the City, my way – Rome in six days.

Travel Blog - by Mano Chandra Dhas

Welcome to My Travel Blog

When I looked at what sort of Travel Blogs are out there on the Net, I came across hundreds. They are mostly Leisure Travel Blogs sharing information on destinations, or how to construct your trip. There are lots of tips. Many dos and don’ts. I have also seen some Business Travel Blogs that cater mainly to the corporations; not too many of those, however.